Translucent Jelly Liquid Colorants for Epoxy Resin

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Translucent Jelly Colors Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigment Dye Resin Jewelry Making


  • COLORS RESIN PIGMENT: 24 Stunning translucent colors for epoxy resins.
  • TRANSLUCENT JELLY CRYSTAL COLOR: New type of liquid resin dye few drops needed to achieve the translucent colors effect like jelly.
  • PERFECT PIGMENT DYE FOR RESIN CRAFT: These resin tints are non-toxic and odorless, perfect for coloring Epoxy Resin. You can mix them together to achieve the desired color.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: No extra tool is required, ready to use. You just need to gently squeeze the liquid dye out of the bottle. The specially designed nozzle and the soft bottles can help you control the amount easily.

Type: Liquid Pigment
Net Weight: 10g
Quantity: 1 Pc

Package includes:
1 x 10ML Liquid Translucent Resin coloring Dye, Pigment, Ink

How to use:
1) Shake the bottle very well before using.
2) Push the cover down, hold it and twist anti-clockwise to open it.
3) Only mix very small amount of colorant to resin, and more as needed.
4) Mix thoroughly with UV resin or Epoxy resin.
5) Need 10 to 30 minutes to cure (UV resin) or overnight (Epoxy Resin)

*** Health & Safety Warning: NOT edible. Only for decoration purpose. ***

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