Cube, Box Shaped Silicone Mold for Resin Casting, Soap & Candle

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Box / Square / Cube Shape Silicone Molds for Resin Casting or Soap, Candle Mold, Ideal for encapsulation, Paper Weights, Products / Material Display.

  • Size: There are 5 sizes to choose from, 6.5 cm, 5 cm, 3.5 cm, 2.5 cm, 2 cm.
  • Material: High Quality Clear silicone.
  • These Silicone Moldshave have smooth and soft surface, which allow you to pour resin and take out easily (without mold release), not only anti-sticking the contents, but also a long service life.
  • This kind of cube shape mold ideal for dried flower specimen making.
  • You can add beads, glitter, color, and pictures to make your own beads,and it is easy to release,the finished product is clear and shinny.

This Silicone cube Molds can be used with a variety of materials like mica powder, alcohol ink, acrylic paints, glitter, glow powder, beads, dried flowers, photos, etc. to create your own unique masterpieces.

These Molds are dishwasher safe or can be wiped down with warm soapy water.

Silicone molds can be re-used time & again, of-cause you have to looked after well. Keep it in a poly bag, don't use a flame near the mold (use a heat gun instead) and be careful when de-moulding - try not to scratch the mold with long nails or bend it out of shape too much.

Important: When you use larger sizes for resin casting, such as (3.5cm, 5cm & 6.5cm), please pour multiple layers to prevent over-heating, cracks may appear if you pour in single layer.

Material: Silicone
Color: Clear

What's Included:
1Pc Box/Cube Silicone mold

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