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Soap Fragrance Oil 10ML

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₨220.00 - ₨249.00
0.02 KGS

Soap Making Scents (synthetic & natural), Liquid Soap Fragrance Oils for Soap Making, Bath Bomb, Soaps, Wax Melts, Candles in Sri Lanka.

These fragrance are manufactured combining synthetic (artificial, man-made) and natural oils (natural organic extracts), to imitate natural scents.

They comes in single drop control dropper bottles, just need few drops. These soap fragrance oil will have a strong smell before being diluted.

ATTRACTIVE SCENTS - Very concentrated aromas, personalize any of your unscented soaps, bath bombs.
WIDELY USED - The soap essential oil for making soap, bath products are also great for cosmetics, air fresheners.

English Rose 10ML (Less Than 10% Natural Oils*)
Green Apple 10ML (Less Than 10% Natural Oils*)
Sandalwood 10ML (20% Natural Oils*)
Jasmine 10ML (40% Natural Oils*)
Jasmine 10ML (Less Than 10% Natural Oils*)
Fine Lavender 10ML (Less Than 10% Natural Oils*)
Orange 10ML (Less Than 10% Natural Oils*)
Tea & Lemon 10ML (Less Than 10% Natural Oils*)
Vanilla 10ML (40% Natural Oils*)

* Percentage of the organic oil content values supplied by fragrance supplier, we ( do not provide any gurantee or whatsoever about the content.

Package Included: 1x 10ML fragrance oil in dropper bottle

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