Resin Polishing Compound Paste/Cream

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3.5 (3000 Grit) Polishing Compound for Epoxy Resin

Polishing compound ideal for tough plastics like epoxy resin. The super fine nano-particle formulation can be used to achieve gloss on polished epoxy resin surfaces or be used to restore gloss to scratched or well-used surfaces. Recommended for use with all resins and is ideal for finishing jewellery, table-tops, counters, river tables and many more projects to finish. It should be used after cut & polishing using sand paper at-least 6 grits.

How to Use:

This is a finishing compound and NOT a cutting compound. Before using this paste the surface of your resin should already be smooth and glossy. If the surface has scratches they should only be very fine scratches from use, not remaining scratches from prior flatting and polishing.

Once the surface is ready to polish, apply a small amount of the compound paste using a clean cloth or wipe. A power polisher will yield the best results in the shortest possible time but it is also possible to polish epoxy resin using paste by hand.

If using a power-polisher, it is suggested to use a soft or medium soft (blue) polishing pad to match the fine polishing action. When polishing, be careful to keep the pad moving so as to avoid building up too much heat in the resin. Add more compound as necessary.

W10#1000 Ordinary polishing
W7#1500 Fine polishing
W5#2000 Fine polishing
W3.5#3000 Fine polishing
W2.5#4000 Fine polishing
W1.5# 6000 mirror polishing
W1.0# 8000 mirror polishing
W0.5#10000 mirror polishing

What's Included: 1 Tube of compound paste (3000Grit)

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