Premium Liquid Pigment for Epoxy Resin (Transparent)

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Premium Epoxy Resin, UV Resin Coloring Dye, Translucent Liquid Pigment, Large Range of Brilliant & Beautiful Colors.

GREAT VARIETY OF COLORS: 19 beautiful and vibrant epoxy pigment, each bottle 10ml, offer you great color options, including Black, White, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Peacock Blue, Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Bright Red, Red, Peach Red, Grass Green (Light Green), Jade Green (Emerald Green), Violet.
TRANSLUCENT LIQUID PIGMENT DYE: These concentrated colors, a small drop can goes a long way! Just need a few drops and you will be surprised by the color effect. You can control the strength of the color by slowly adding drops one at a time until you achieve your desired color. All the colors are the translucent and clear effect, except the white color. And you can also mix the white color to achieve opacity.
ESPECIALLY DEIDGNED FOR EPOXY RESIN (may not work well with UV Resin): These resin tints are odorless, it works great for coloring epoxy resin craft, resin jewelry DIY making, etc. They blend well together to create new colors and offer endless-possibility for your art project.

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