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Permanent Oil Based Paint Markers

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Oil-Based Waterproof Paint Marker Pen for Stone/Rock Painting, Ceramic, Metal, Glass, Wood, Plastic, Canvas,Fabric, Water Resistant Medium Tip Paint Pens for DIY Craft Quick Drying.

  • Ideal for arts and craft projects, as well as for adding identifying marks on tools, parts and other industrial applications. Great for posters and signs.
  • These oil based paint markers have sturdy pen barrel and durable acrylic tip from Japan. The ink of pen is acid-free, quick drying, non toxic, water & fade resistant for long lasting effects. Safe for both adults and children.
  • Use these paint pens on almost any solid surface with your imagination and creation, including rock, canvas, wood, paper, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, and even tire. Perfect for DIY ,creating loads of craft projects, from rock painting to mug art and ornaments!

What can these overseas paint pens be used for?

  • They are oil based paint markers, meaning that they can work on almost all surfaces.
  • These paint pens will write on the following surfaces glass, paper, cardboard, fabric, rubber (including Tyre), plastic, canvas, metal, aluminium, brass, wood, stone etc.
  • You can use these paint pens on a variety of surfaces, which makes them perfect for creating painted rocks, customized mugs, or posters. They are a versatile addition to your art supplies.

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