Mini Plastic Measuring Cups 30ML/60ML/100ML for Resin

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Mini measuring cup for mixing and dosing liquids with a capacity of 30 ml / 60ml with scale.

These sturdy measuring cups are a handy tool for your resin mixing (volume-based epoxy resin), it's best to use 2 measuring cups to measure Resin & Hardener separately, this will ensure the accuracy and prevent build resin build up.

You can also use these cups for all types of craft, however you will need to wash them out after use.

These cups can be reuse, however cleaning after use is required, please use Alcohol based solution to wash out resin residue.


  • Volume: 30 ml / 60ml
  • Stackable, made of polypropylene (PP)


1x Measuring cup 30ml or 60ml

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