Mini Drill & Die Grinder Rotary Tool 40Pcs Set

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6 Months

MEN branded mini drill with 40Pcs accessories set, this mini die grinder kit is a multi-purpose universal tool with many functions, just like a Dremel rotary tool. Ideal for detailed and precise craft work, for jewellery making, resin jewellery work, model making, jewelry making, woodworking and myriad projects around the home and garden. This is a must have rotary tool kit for hobbiest, jewellery maker, craftsman. It can engrave, sand, polish, cut and many more jobs on above mentioned materials using special attachments.


Powerful variable speed from 0 to 32,000 RPM
Comes with flexible shaft allows precision work provides more comfort during use (especially carving)
Spindle lock for easy change of different accessories
Carrying case included .Ideal for sanding, polishing, drilling, burr removal, cutting, engraving (glass, mirrors or other surfaces in order to create your own unique designs), Grinding.



Brand: MEN
Model Number : PT1302502
40Pcs Accessory Kit
Voltage: 220-240 V | 50/60 Hz
Power: 135 W
No-load Speed:0-32000r/min
Collet Size: 3.2 mm (1/8'')
Variable Speed
Spindle Lock
Removable Flexible Shaft
Durable Carrying Case

What's Included:
Rotary Tool
1 pcs flexible shaft
1 pcs support change
3 pcs grinding card
5 pcs bistrique
1 pcs 12.7mm rubber column
1 pcs 6.35mm rubber column
1 pcs 3.0mm drill
1 pcs red grindstone
1 pcs lifting bar
1 pc screw self-tapping
2 pcs big woolen wheel
2 pcs small woolen wheel
1 pc hook to the soft pipe
1 pc 3.0mm copper chuck
1 pc key
1 pc big band sanding
1 pc small band sanding
1 pc oilstone
5 pcs blade
8 pcs of sand paper

6 Months

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