Metallic Pearl Liquid Oil Pigment for Resin

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Pearlescent/Metallic Oil Based Liquid Pigment, Metallic Effect, Pigment Colorant for Epoxy Resin, UV Resin, Polymer Clay.


  • STUNNING PEARLESCENT PIGMENTS: We recommend not to add a big amount of pigment to your work at one time, but add it a little bit by a little bit to see the change of shade from light to dark.
  • ODOR FREE, non-toxic, High quality color pigments for epoxy resin casting.
  • ANTI-LEAKAGE: Anti-leakage tip.
  • EASY USE: Fully mix the colorant with the epoxy before putting it in the mold.
  • COMBINABLE: You can mix it with another pigments to achieve the desired color.

Pearl effect / Marble Effect / Metallic Effect Oil based colorant ideal for UV Resin or Epoxy Resin. Can be used with such materials as light metals, plaster, wax, soap, epoxy and urethane resins.

Qty: 1 Bottle (10ml)

How to use:
1) Shake the bottle very well before using.
2) Push the cover down, hold it and twist anti-clockwise to open it.
3) Only mix very small amount of colorant to resin, and more as needed.
4) Mix thoroughly with UV resin or Epoxy resin.
5) Need 10 to 30 minutes to cure (UV resin) or overnight (Epoxy Resin)

*** Health & Safety Warning: NOT edible. Only for decoration purpose. ***

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