Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mold Making (Fast Curing) RTV-2

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₨2,200.00 - ₨7,900.00

Mold Making Liquid Silicone Rubber Now Available in Sri Lanka for Soap, Candle, Concrete, Plaster of Paris, Gipsom Molds (Fast Curing Tin Catalyst)


  1. Type: RTV-2 (Room Temperature Vulcanizing)
  2. Weight Ratio:100 (A Silicone) : 2 (B Hardener/Catalyst)
  3. High Viscosity (Hard Type)
  4. Curing Time 3-5 hrs (Fast Curing)
  5. Pot Life: 10Mins
  6. Shore A Hardness- Approx. 15
  7. Tensile strength - Approx. 2.5MPa- MPa
  8. Temperature resistance from -50℃ to 250℃, acid and alkali resistance.
  9. Good elasticity, high duplication times.
  10. Low shrinkage to keep the finished production with perfect size.
  11. Environmental friendly and non-toxic, the shelf life up to 12month.
  12. Ideal for Concrete, Gypsum, Candle, Soap mold making.

Important: This Product Intended for Industrial & Professional Use Only

  • DO NOT use for food molds.
  • Thick, High viscosity Liquid Silicone (Consistency similar to latex rubber)
  • Mix two parts thoroughly, if not mix well, silicone rubber will become sticky, and will not cure properly.
  • DO not mix over 2% Catalyst, using Catalist over 2% will cure silicone quickly, working time get too short.

Liquid silicone rubber for mould making, which are widely used for molding objects, ornaments, sculptures, statue, manual design, plaster, arts and crafts. And this kind of silicone is ideal for product designers to make prototype design /rapid prototyping and resin molding. It can be cured under normal room temperature, with the feature of non-toxic, non-odor, natural de-foaming, good liquidity and good toughness.

Silicone mold making kit, liquid translucent silicone rubber for silicone moulds 100:2 mixing ratio silicone to replicate objects, Crafts. Especially formulated for wax molds, candle molds, soap molds, casting molds and making molds of architectural details, statues, figurines!

Mold Making Silicone Kit Includes: 2 bottles

Technical Information on mold making silicone rubber:

Typical general characteristics Value
Product data (Catalyzed A+B)  
Hardness (Shore A) 15±2
Mix Ratio (A:B) 100:2
Color White
Pot life 25 °C (77F) 10-12mins
Curing time 25 °C (77F) 3-5 hours
Mixed viscosity mPa.s 14000±1000
Tear-strength kg/cm 18±2
Tensile-strength 2.5±0.5
Elongation % 350±50
Shrinkage % ≤0.3

What's Included:

  • 250g Set (250g Silicone Part A, 5g Part B)
  • 500g Set (500g Silicone Part A, 10g Part B)
  • 1000g Set (970g Silicone Part A, 20g Part B)

Instructions (How to Mix Mold Making Silicone):

Step1: weigh the silicone according to the items mixing ratio 100:2.
Step2: Mix two parts thoroughly, these two parts need mixing thoroughly to avoid incompletely cured.
Step3: Put the mixture into the vacuum machine to remove the bubbles (Optional)
Step4: Pouring the mixed silicone rubber into the frame with your design in.
Step5: Waiting for the silicone rubber fully cured then demold.

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