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High Power UV Resin / Nails Curing LED Lamp

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0.45 KGS

High Power UV Lamp Dry Nails Art & UV Activated Resin with 2 Timers

Important: UV Resin Curing times: LED light (24, 36, 54W) / 6-10 minutes (depend on the layer thickness)

  • Cure All Kindsof Nail Resin: High Power advanced UV+LED dual light source (365nm+405nm), make it fast-drying . The gel nail dryer used to cure any types of UV/LED nail gel polish brands including CND Shellac, OPI, Gelish and Sally Hansen, nail builder gel, hard gel, nail sculpture gel and rhinestone gems glue.
  • Compatible with UV Resin.
  • Easy to Operation: This gel uv nail lamp is designed with 2 Timer Settings : 45s, 60s . Connet to power supply , then press the switch button to turn on , this UV LED nail lamp will start to cure (default 45s). Press the second time is to switch to 60s, press third time is to turn off .
  • Easy to Carry & Pocket Size : This mini gel polish light comes with USB port design and it’s only 0.11 lb weight and very compact , portable to take on business or travel . You can enjoy professional quality nail salon no matter at home
  • Flexible & Effective Curing : The nail polish dryer compact size make it easy to hold the uv led light beads closer to every fingernail at any angle or positon , which is powerful enough to effectively dry your gel nail polish, no dead end . No need to worry that it can not dry your thumb or other. You can also make use of the foldable stand rack ,place it on the desk and leisurely do you DIY nail art while reading or working at the same time.

Instructions for use

  1. Push back the cuticles and shape your natural nail.
  2. Apply a thin base coat all over the surface. Cure for 2 mins in the UV/LED lamp.
  3. Apply the first layer of color gel polish.
  4. Cure in the UV lamp for 2 mins again. Repeat the 3 to 4 steps when the first layer become consolidation.
  5. Apply a thin layer of top coat over all the surface and cure for 2 mins once again.
  6. Put a litle cuticle oil on them and then Finish (if you follow the step correctly, you will get the beautiful color you like.)

Choose from:
or 1x 36W 12LED UV Resin Curing Light with 30s/60s/99s Timer
or 1x 54W 18LED UV Resin Curing Light with 30s/60s/99s Timer

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