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Luminous Glow in the Dark Liquid Pigment

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  • Phosphorescent Pigment for Epoxy Resin - Different from normal pigments, this resin dye can glow in the darkness after absorbing light, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radioactive.
  • Efficiently Mixed - The resin pigment can be integrated well into resin and combined easily with another epoxy colorant to get needed color.
  • These luminous resin pigments can be widely used on jewelry making, garment and crafts decorations, casting and coating or other DIY making.
  • Easy to Use - The liquid epoxy pigment is packed into transparent and soft bottle, it comes with small tip, easily squeeze and control the amount.

You can mix it with other colors epoxy pigments to achieve the desired color.

Luminous Epoxy Resin Pigment (10ML/Bottle)

  1. Sapphire Blue
  2. Green
  3. Rose Red
  4. Hot Pink
  5. Silver Black
  6. Purple Red
  7. Red
  8. White
  9. Purple
  10. Orange Red
  11. Sky Blue


  1. Shake up the epoxy pigment bottle before use and avoid direct sunlight and dusty environment.
  2. Not food safe, do not consume and keep out from children.
  3. Please wear gloves before using to avoid direct skin contact.
  4. If you get skin contact, please wash with water immediately.
  5. Please keep the epoxy resin pigment bottles sealed to avoid it lose efficacy.

Phosphorescent Dye | Glow in the Dark Pigment | Epoxy Resin Colorant | UV Resin Paint in Sri Lanka

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