Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin for Wood & Resin Jewelry

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Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin by Crystal Rock, Now Available 150ml/300ml & 1KG Packs in Sri Lanka

  • Designed with a simple 2:1 mixing ratio with 20 minute working time.
  • Self-leveling & de-foaming resin.
  • Perfect for encapsulating objects, jewelry, river tables (furniture), coating timber & resin paintings.
  • Sutable for casting & Coating

Important: Liquid Epoxy Resin Intended for Industrial & Professional Use Only

  • Measuring ratio (by volume) must be accurate, wrong ratio makes epoxy resin soft, and will not cure properly.
  • Mix two parts thoroughly, if not mix well, epoxy will become sticky, and will not cure properly.
  • Avoid high humid days, or work in a controlled humidity environment, humidity over 70% will effect curing process and end product.
  • Do not mix organic pigments or dye, and liquid pigments/inks containing water.

Casting (Make Jewellery e.g: Bangles, Rings, Earrings..etc), Resin Art, Coating Wood, Timber & Concrete, Coasters, Tabletops, River Tables, and Encapsulations.
Create stunning artwork by adding colored mica pigments, resin dyes, or glow in the dark pigment.


  1. Size 1: Two bottles 100ml of Resin, 50ml of Hardener (150g total).
  2. Size 2: Two bottles 200ml of Resin, 100ml of Hardener (300g total).
  3. Size 3: Two bottles 600ml of Resin, 300ml of Hardener (900ml/1kg total).

Safety: Keep out of reach of children and use only in a ventilated area.

Liquid Plastic, Jewellery Epoxy Resin Sri Lanka

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