IMPORTANT: Due to fuel shortage deliveries has been ceased until further notice. Order PICK-UP available (next working day) from our office at Homagama.

ඉන්ධන හිඟය හේතුවෙන් නැවත දැනුම් දෙන තුරු බෙදාහැරීම් නතර කර ඇත. අන්තර්ජාල ඇණවුම් පසු දින අපගේ හෝමාගම කාර්යාලයෙන් පැමිණ ලබාගත හැක.



We are temporarily closed from 10th June 2022 due to fuel shortages, deliveries are disrupted. New orders will process once we re-start business operations, orders up-to 9th June will be delivered as soon as possible.
ඉන්ධන හිඟය හේතුවෙන් අප ආයතනය ජුනි 10 සිට තාවකාලිකව වසා තිබේ, බෙදාහැරීම් නතර වී ඇත. නව ඇණවුම් ව්‍යාපාර කටයුතු ආරම්භ කල පසු බෙදා හැරේ, ජුනි 09 දක්වා ඇණවුම් හැකි ඉක්මනින් බෙදා හැරීමට කටයුතු කෙරේ.

In-Store Purchases are Not Available, Online Orders Only. හදිසි ඇණවුම් බාර නොගැනේ.


1). Many products are out of stock/no longer available due to the impact of COVID-19 & current import restrictions.
2). Courier services are working limited hours, so orders may take longer to deliver.
3). Walk in Purchase NOT available.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused

Primarily we are an e-commerce based business located in a private building that is open to the public, so may decided to stop all shop visits without any notice. We can only deliver orders and continue to conduct business during limited hours while taking extra precautions like:

  • Social Distancing
  • Regular sanitation of work surfaces & hands.
  • Wearing protective gear like masks & gloves during the packing process.
  • All events have been postponed until further notice, and we are not allowing any customers to enter our office for pick-ups until further notice.

Processing Times: We are working on limited staff and restricted working hours, so please allow extra processing time.
Until we are told that it is safe to go back to business as usual by authorities, our processing times are extended due to limited hours of operation. You can expect a processing time of 2-5 days on most orders, and in some cases orders may take up to 1 week to process.

Shipping Times:
At this time all couriers are not guaranteeing delivery dates. This means we cannot guarantee that your order arrives within our usual delivery duration.