Art of Resin Jewelry Book - විසිතුරු රෙසින් කලාව

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විසිතුරු රෙසින් කලාව, අශෝකමාලා වීරකෝන් කරුණාතිලක

එපොක්සි රෙසින් කලාව, ඉඟි සහ ශිල්පීය ක්‍රම පිළිබඳව සිංහල භාෂාවෙන් ලියන ලද පළමු පොත

First Book Written in Sinhalese about resin art, tips & techniques

Epoxy Resin Art by Ashokamala Weerakoon Karunatilaka, Basics for your first Steps in Resin Art

Table of Content;

  1. Types of resin & tools
  2. Common types of resin to use
  3. Effects of Humidity on resin
  4. Resin colorants
  5. Preparing for resin work
  6. Making a cloth resin vas
  7. Making a resin key tag
  8. Resin paper weight
  9. Laminating a photo using resin
  10. Resin fish tank
  11. Encapsulation images
  12. Resin Dolphin
  13. Waterfall
  14. Resin beach art
  15. Making resin flowers without silicone mould
  16. Color a tile using resin
  17. Making resin flower vas without silicone mould
  18. Making a coaster
  19. Making a cloth & resin pendant
  20. making earings using UV resin
  21. making a fish using UV resin
  22. How to make a silicone mold using liquid silicon
  23. Making a pendant using natural flower petals

ISBN: 978-624-96409-0-0

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