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Alcohol Pearl Metallic Pigments 15ml

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Alcohol Pearl/Metallic Pigment, Pearlescent/Metal Texture, Vibrant & Sparkle Effect for Resin Projects.

  • Highly concentrated alcohol-based inks.
  • You could dilute these pigments with alcohol to achieve lighter colors.
  • Iron oxide liquid pigment

It provides vibrant colours and unlimited possibilities, delivers a highly pigmented, sinking effect, layer, and creates depth, ideal for resin coasters, paintings, and epoxy resin art.

Type:Metallic Alcohol Pigment (diffusion pigment)
Golden: Gold
Silvery: Silver
Rose Gold
Gun Color: Black
Pearl: White


1x 15ml/0.53 bottle / Single Color

Health & Safety Warning:
Alcohol ink may under pressure, extremly careful when you piercing the tip of the new alcohol ink bottle.
Alcohol ink stains! Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.
Flammable - do not use a naked flame or torch to remove bubbles from resin that has been coloured with alcohol ink
Keep out of the reach of children - this product contains alcohol
Eye irritant - keep away from the eyes.

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